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BetaFPV Toothpick HX100 – Love at second glance

i bought my HX100 and after the first r Packs i was prestty disappointet. I got two major Problems: 1. If I dive or do longer 0 throttle manovers I got washout on 2 and 3S if I raise throttle. 2. Sometimes I go down with the throttle but it keeps the ampdraw over 3.5A and doesn’t fall.

My luck was that i got help from Riddhi FPV. The trick was to update to betaflight 3.5.7 and to go props in instead of out. I also used his PIDS which you can find here…

Check out his Channel:…

After all that i can say i realy love this class of Quadcopter. They realy fly like a 5 inch but are much more harmless and quiet. But see for yoursellf